RPE Face Fit Solutions provide a Face Fit Testing service for your employees, we only provide professionals who are fully trained and "fit2fit" accredited. However, if you wish to carry out your own Qualitative Face Fit Testing, we deliver a Training Course ensuring those attending are competent in completing a Face Fit Test.


If you provide respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to your employees then it is essential that you have documentary evidence to show the RPE fits the wearer. The Face Fit Training course will provide attendees with the knowledge and confidence to complete your own in-house Face Fit Testing. All attendees are provided with templates to accurately record the information as required by legislation. By Face Fit Testing each of your employees you can be sure that your organisation is fulfilling the requirements laid out in the Health& Safety Executive’s (HSE) guidance note INDG 479 and the statutory duties placed upon you under regulations such as the COSHH Regulations 2002.

Our Trainers have a wealth of practical experience of Face Fit Testing which really makes a difference to the quality of our Face Fit Training course. We provide practical guidance and impartial advice on most makes and models of mask from FFP1, FFP2 & FFP3 disposable and Half Masks.

Course Summary

Maximum class size: 6

Assessment: Practical Face Fit Assessment

Certification: Certificate of Training

Onsite Course Price: Please contact us for a quotation

Delivery method: Classroom

Who should attend?

This course aimed at operatives, supervisors and managers who require an in-depth knowledge of Face Fit Testing using Qualitative Fit Test Methods and common respiratory hazards in the workplace.

What does the course cover?

The course has been designed to follow all the relevant HSE documents to Face Fit Testing and closely follows the "Competent Person" points as raised in INDG 479. The course is designed to help anyone implementing or maintaining a Respiratory Protection Programme and includes the following:

1. Why use Respiratory Protection?

A look at the dangers to the respiratory system and general health hazards encountered in the work place.

2. Legislation & key documents

A look at HSE documents relating to Face Fit Testing, COSHH, HSG53 and specifically focusing on INDG 479.

3. Know your mask

A look at the many different types of respiratory protective equipment and understanding how to choose the most suitable device and filters for your requirements.

4. Common problems/faults in the wearing of RPE

Here we cover the importance of fitting instructions and how to perform the relevant pre-fit checks. We also look at the effects of stubble/facial hair and other PPE’s that can affect the fit and efficiency of a respirator.

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Open Training Courses

RPE Face Fit Solutions now offer "Open Training Courses" for Companies who require one or two people to be trained to conduct Face Fit Testing. This is a cost effective solution for completing in-house Face Fit Testing. If your company requires 2 or more people to be trained please contact us directly for a competitive quote.

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